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2022 word of the year: a simple ritual to commemorate a new calendar year

Written by Alauna Whelan


I think we can all agree that flipping the calendar over doesn't magically give us a fresh start, although there is something about this time of year that gives the illusion of ripe opportunity. 

An annual tradition I like to partake in is choosing a guiding word (or words) to set the tone for the year ahead. Below are a few steps to make this process easier for you.

1. Spend some time reflecting and journaling on last year. Did you choose a word last year? If so, how did that word serve you? 

2. What were the challenges last year? How did those challenges and your word co-exist?

3. What went well last year? Did your word reflect or support your wins?

4. How do you want to feel in 2022? What do you want to embody? Look at what was hard and what went well last year. Were there themes that arose? When things get difficult, what word will help you re-center and connect with yourself?  

Use the above information to help you select a word, words, or phrase to act as a guidepost for the year ahead. You can create a digital collage with images that evoke your word or the feelings you are wanting to embody.

I made two collages. The first contains textures and lighting that evoke my word. 

digital collage with soothing images and scripted word "gentle" in the center

The second collage includes all of my creature comforts; cards, candles, crystals, and of course my ride-or-die talismans (I am never without an element necklace). These are the practical tools that will help me this year.

digital collage with soothing images and scripted word "gentle"

While doing this ritual, I pulled a couple of cards from the moon mantra deck for support. 

My word for the year is gentle. Last year was so harsh that I'm looking to create more ease and gentleness in 2022.

The Moon Mantra Oracle Deck is perfect for providing supportive guidance during self-reflection rituals. Be sure to grab yours from my online store today!