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Virgo New Moon Mantra for September

Written by Alauna Whelan


Virgo often gets a bad rap for being a perfectionist. Virgo is the sign of the virgin but in our society that's been twisted to mean something other than priestess. This earth sign is the embodiment of being whole unto one's self. To being a vessel for divinity. For the sacredness in the mundane.

Virgo's medicine is refinement. It's harvesting what serves and releasing what doesn't; focusing on the things that are working and letting go of the things that aren't. The release allows us to nourish our roots for the darker months ahead. This creates space to hone our skills on what is worthy of our time and energy.

virgo new moon mantra

We are nearly at equinox, the balance of light and dark. The turning of the seasonal wheel as we prepare to welcome autumn.

The equinox sets are intended to assist in creating a ritual for honoring the harvest, for connecting to the priestess within, and for cultivating gratitude for the wisdom of the lessons we have learned in the first half of the year.

equinox candle and bath soak for autumn rituals

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