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three ways to display your crystal ritual altar art

Written by Alauna Whelan


Crystal ritual altar art is something new I've been working on. I often find larger crystal specimens that are too big or heavy for jewelry. I've been incorporating those larger crystals into altar art.

I'm using the Wisdom of the Ocean piece from the Healing Waters Collection to show you some options for displaying it in your home.

1. Since this piece is water themed, it would make the perfect addition to a water altar. I've paired it with a large mirrored shell, water element candle, and some fresh vintage toned carnations.

green and pink crystal altar art piece with mirrored silver shell soy candle and fresh cut flowers

2. Here I displayed it with a small succulent bowl on a mid-century mirrored tray. I added a candle and some small crystals.

birds eye view of blue and pink crystal altar art with lit soy candle and succulent bowl on mirrored tray

3. Lastly, keep it simple. Pair it with some coral, driftwood, and a water candle.

blue and pink crystal altar art with coral driftwood and soy candle

The Healing Waters crystal collection will be released Friday, June 11.

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