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three rituals to stay grounded when working from home

Written by Alauna Whelan


This week has been stressful and it's only Wednesday!

Our school has gone to online learning for the next couple of weeks. Working from home while assisting my kids with online school is a nightmare. One I had hoped we wouldn't have to relive again, lol!

For many people this has been a reality for months (sending all my love to your Ontario people). It's safe to say that we all definitely don't have the capacity we had last year.

fire element ritual mist journal and laptop on wooden table

Three things that are helping me maintain the last shreds of my sanity are:

1. Getting outside. Whether it's enjoying my morning coffee on the deck or a quick walk around the block, I always feel better after a bit of fresh air and sunshine.

2. Lowering expectations. Buying into the narrative that we can do and have it all is extremely harmful. Being realistic about what is possible helps alleviate some of the stress and reminds me to surrender to the moment. It's an ongoing process.

3. Ritual mists. Never underestimate how scent can transform one's mood and environment. The perks of working/learning from home is that we can surround ourselves with creature comforts. Got an annoying coworker? Mist the bad vibes away before you hop on Zoom ;)

crystal infused aromatic ritual mist in hand

Ritual mists are a reminder to breathe deep. To inhale and exhale deeply. Our breath is always with us but if you're like me, you'll hold tension without realizing it.

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