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the three best fall spice candle scents to light this season

Written by Alauna Whelan


I can feel a chill creeping in and with the cooler temperatures, I can't be the only one craving a bit of warmth and spice.

I currently offer a number of different candle scents. This is a round up of my top three spicy, earthy smelling candles for autumn.

lit luxury autumn spice soy candle on gold tray with raw crystals and fall foliage

1. Limited edition autumn equinox candle

This seasonal candle was really popular last year. It has notes of warm spice, crunchy dry leaves, and wet earth.

 lit petrichor scented earth candle in palm of hand with evergreens in the background

2. Security earth element intention candle

This is a fan favorite! The earth candles smells like earth. I've also been told it smells like petrichor, the scent after it rains. While this candle isn't spicy it does have notes of wet earth and leather which lend it well to this time of year. It's also available in a travel size

 top view of hand holding luxury lit soy candle with crystals and herbs

3. Waxing moon candle

This candle is a true amber spice perfumed candle. Top notes of citrus and heady florals are grounded by earthy and spicy notes. There is something nostalgic about this candle that I absolutely adore. It smells like a warm hug from a favorite aunt. It can also be found in the travel sized and regular sized lunar sets. 

I'll be releasing new scent blends later this year, including warm spicy candle scents. Make sure to sign up for my emails to be in the know!