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the gift of Virgo season - creating little altars everywhere

Written by Alauna Whelan


Virgo season is an approach and with it my birthday will soon be here. I've squeezed out as much sunshine, joy, and fun as possible during the season of the Lion.

As the nights cool off and the days begin to shorten, there's an urge to settle down, harvest the fruits of our labour, and embrace a bit more routine.

woman wearing healing crystal ball talisman necklace

Virgo is the sign of the priestess. She's often referred to as the virgin but through the patriarchal and capitalistic lens it's twisted from the true meaning. Virgo is the archetype of someone who belongs to herself. She makes magic out of the mundane. 

silver earth sign medallion layering necklace

Virgo rules daily tasks, routines, health, and pets. It's creating little altars with everyday items that act as a portal to the divine, it's weaving magic through repetition. Embracing a systematic and considerate approach is Virgo's strength. 

 luxury soy earth sign candle with crystal

Sink into the wisdom of Virgo season by adorning yourself with treasures that make you feel connected to yourself, build altars to worship your inherent belonging, trust yourself to build the routines can best support you.

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