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Scorpio New Moon Mantra for Honoring The Feminine Wisdom Within

Written by Alauna Whelan


This Scorpio new moon is inviting us to embrace depth. This water sign demands we honor our raw intensity and passion. It needs us to have some skin in the game. After a two month hiatus, Scorpio's ruling planet Mars is back online.

We will start to see projects move forward again. We may notice the rekindling of a spark that may have seemed lost in the past couple of months. Once again we will have purpose and direction.

Mars rules willpower, action, and drive. We need to temper ourselves when Mars comes direct so we don't burn out.
moon mantra for scorpio new moon

Hasn't that has been the theme of 2020, tempering ourselves so that we can weather the storm?! Here's to continuing to embrace a steady approach with lots of pit stops along the way so that we come out the other side.

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