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Botanical Perfumery - A Practice in Patience

Written by Alauna Whelan


Technology reminded me today that it was two years ago I was sitting at my kitchen table fleshing out some concepts for botanical perfumery.

Aromatics have been a huge support to me over the years. This photo from two years ago was such a rich reminder of the creative process.

It's always fascinating to read back on old formula journals. I can follow the threads of inspiration and concept through the initial stages and finally to the end product.

botanical perfume supplies and formula journal

I have continued on from those formulas from over two years ago. I am still refining my element botanical perfumes. It's been a practice in patience and devotion. One that isn't ready to be released yet.

For now, only a couple of bottles of the Ether botanical perfume oil remain.

I am reformulating and have hopes of releasing the entire collection of five perfumes together. I'm still a ways away from that happening. If you love the Ether perfume oil, best grab it while you still can.