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rooting into our values, self-worth, and sensual pleasures with the taurus new moon

Written by Alauna Whelan


This new moon is happening in the rich, fertile soil of Taurus. A sign that connects us to our values, sensual pleasures, and being rooted in our bodies. 

silver boho medallion necklace with red crystal on mossy green and yellow background
The annual Taurus new moon is my favorite new moon to set intentions that relate to how we value money, resources, and physical projects that require sustained focus. 

taurus new moon mantra - text on white background

Taurus energy takes the spark and fire that Aries season ignites and molds it into something tangible. Its steady and methodical approach doesn't rush. It takes its time and knows that when the mind, body, and heart are in alignment - progress is made.

This is the time of year when many people tend to their seedlings, plan and plant summer flowers, hit up greenhouses, and relish in all the possibilities for growth.

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