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recognizing and balancing our needs within relationships this libra new moon

Written by Alauna Whelan


Libra season marks the shift from summer into fall. It is a cardinal sign that ushers in new energy and holds the balance of light and dark.

I am often frustrated with how Libra is typically represented through memes on the internet. It's individuation is often lost amongst the noise of being focused on the other.

fall spice soy equinox candle with foliage and crystals

In astrology it's important to remember that there is always a dichotomy at play. With Libra, there needs to be focus on the self AND on others. It's not this or that... it's this AND that.

libra new moon mantra on grey background with lunar graphic

With both Pluto and Chiron being in focus with this new moon, there's an opportunity to transform our deepest wounds within and through relationships. Whether that's our relationship to self or others, discernment is necessary. With Mercury retrograde in Libra we can reflect, review, and renegotiate. It's a potent new moon for clarity and deeper understanding.

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