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Pisces compassion on the last new moon of the astrological year

Written by Alauna Whelan


It's been a year. One that's definitely felt like a decade (or century even!). One that's bestowed upon me many new silver strands in my locks.

We are all feeling tired and with the one year anniversary of this pandemic upon us, we are all desperately in need of more gentleness and compassion.

The Pisces new moon is providing an opportunity for quiet escape and reprieve. It's a reminder to surrender to our feelings. Our tears help to cleanse and release tension.

pisces moon poem
Anniversaries of hardship are so challenging. They hold a moment in time when things changed while also marking our evolution since that moment in time. 

The higher octave of Pisces is one of compassion and understanding. The lower octave is one of victimhood. We have a chance to swim through it all and learn that it's the contrast of both that gives us a clearer understanding of ourselves and what our values are.

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