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one card spread for daily lunar inspiration with the moon mantra oracle deck

Written by Alauna Whelan


When it comes to ritual, I always find myself coming back to the ones that are most simple. Complexity doesn't make our efforts more worthy, it actually can distract from our inner voice.

I love using cards for reflection and as tools for inspiration. My moon mantra deck is my go-to whenever I need some encouragement.

There are many ways to use oracle or tarot cards for personal connection. Layouts called spreads are used for gaining clarity and insight. 

hand holding moon mantra affirmation card on dark background with coyote skull and feather

The simplest spread is pulling a single card with intention. This is the format I use for my weekly card readings over on Instagram. I shuffle the cards and select one card at random to act as a guidepost for the week. Whenever I encounter doubt or start feeling down, I revisit the message on the card and it boosts my spirits.

moon oracle card with feather, crystal wand, lit soy candle, and animal skull on black background

I'll often display the card on an altar (or my fridge!). It acts as a portal of what I am focusing on and drawing towards myself.

Placing the card somewhere it's visible acts as encouragement. It's a reminder to tap into the infinite well within. To honor all facets of ourselves. 

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