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Night Sky Crystal Talisman Collection for Inner Reflection, Greater Perspective & Contemplation

Written by Alauna Whelan


The days continue to get shorter and the nights longer as we move closer to winter solstice. The crisp snowy winter air and skies remind me of the vastness of the universe. Of all the resources found within and all around us.

My latest collection is inspired by the night sky. Of the wonder we find when we look up. Of the awe and greatness that is available to each of us.

The medicine and wisdom of the winter season is an opportunity to slow down. It's provides the ability to go within, integrate, and gain perspective. 

Blue is a color associated with truth, wisdom, and depth. 

blue gemstone crystal talisman necklaces

This collection features blue gemstones including labradorite, apatite, turquoise, larimar, howlite, and blue lace agate. All minerals for supporting transformation, clear communication, inner connection and strengthening intuition. 

blue crystal talisman necklace in palm of hand

They encourage us to connect to our inner resources, trust ourselves, and hone our intuition for what's yet to come.

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