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new moon in aries: forging ahead with what we are most passionate about

Written by Alauna Whelan


Aries season: passionate conversations, entrepreneurial mindset, forging ahead before ready, what you see is what you get, primal instincts, fierce leadership, don't fuck with me attitude, betting on yourself.

The astrological new year is here! The length of days and nights sit in equal balance at the spring equinox and the sun ushers in Aries season. It's from this point that our days get longer and our focus shifts from inward to outward. 

Aries is the newborn of the zodiac. It's the bursting forth of the sprout from the seed. It's passionate, courageous, forward motion. It's the crowning of birth (Aries rules the head).

hand with match lighting aries zodiac intention candle

This is a month of discomfort, as growth is never painless or smooth. It's recognizing that we might never feel ready and doing it anyways. It's raw, gritty, vulnerable, and requires commitment. Aries as a cardinal sign initiates. It takes ideas and sets them in motion. Taurus season will solidify and anchor.

aries new moon mantra - white text on rust colored background

For now, spend some time reflecting on your passions, on the world you want to create, the ideas you are intent on investing in.

This Aries new moon is supportive of your creativity, drive, and instincts. Trust your gut, your intuition. This is all about action, acting on your impulses, and forging ahead.

new moon soy intention candle incantation

To all my Aries out there, thank you for your vulnerability in going first, for leading the way forward even when you don't know what you're doing, for being so passionate and determined.

Watch the video below for more insights on this new moon in Aries.

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