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unique mystical moon crystal talisman necklaces coming next week

Written by Alauna Whelan


It's no secret that I am moon obsessed! I'm an avid moon worshipper and live my life in alignment with the lunar cycle.

large crystal moon and silver healing crystal talisman necklace on woman in blue top with white cardigan

I had seen some crystal moons while scrolling Instagram. This prompted me to ask one of my local suppliers, Mountain Aura Crystals, to see if she could source a few for me.

large quartz crystal moon healing silver talisman necklace on wooden tray

I was fortunate that she was able to find a few pretties for me! For a first attempt at setting these crystals, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

three crystal moon healing talisman necklaces on silver chains

I'll be releasing three large crystal moon talismans next week for the annual Giving Back Sale. The event will run from April 22-25 with 30% of all sales going to the YWCA.

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