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musings from the studio and a sneak peek of a new crystal talisman collection I'm working on

Written by Alauna Whelan


With each new year I vow to do certain things better in my business. They almost always relate to inventory management or bookkeeping, as they both cause me stress.

The new year energy is so full of possibilities. I always have the best of intentions and it never quite works out how I envision it but that doesn't diminish the progress made. 

It's easy to buy into the idea that change is instantaneous, that it is simply comes down to the decision and the rest falls into place. I'm learning that it's the habits I do consistently that have the greatest impact. Vision is necessary but if we don't take action it simply remains in the ethers. It's our devotion to anchoring it in our physical world by taking small incremental steps over and over again.

This year I'm focusing on building in systems that will alleviate my mental stress. This looks like implementing software for managing raw materials and revamping my current studio setup.

Storage is a big issue as is having adequate counterspace. I need work zones: jewelry, lab (for formulating candles, soaks, mists), and shipping. My studio is small, it's probably about 150 square feet. Maximizing the space I have will alleviate stress and allow me more flow when I'm working.

mess of raw blue gemstone crystals for talisman jewelry with metalsmith tools

Putting this into play takes immense energy and I am at odds with myself. Doing hard things isn't fun. In order to tackle some of these not so fun jobs I've been rewarding myself. I will jot out a list of necessary to-dos and then when I cross them off I sit down at my jewelers bench and reward myself with creative play.

Lately, I've been working on a new collection for Spring. The array of blue crystals are serene and peaceful to look at. Being able to tap into that creative flow where time slips away and I can enjoy the meditative process is the best gift I can give myself. It reminds me that this is why I'm embracing the necessary not-so-fun work of implementing some systems, so that I'll have more time to enjoy creating.

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