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Morning Flow

Written by Alauna Whelan


I'm still finding my flow when it comes to daily routines. Just when I think I've got something I can build upon, things get derailed. I was on a good streak with morning walks and then this past weekend I was bed ridden with a migraine that spanned an entire week.

As I recovered, I realized this is why I crave low impact, gentle exercise. Anything too strenuous can trigger migraines for me. Walking, intermittent running, and low impact Youtube videos are what my body needs.

I also require gentle encouragement that doesn't involve shame tactics. Movement that is joyful with a focus on feeling good, while treating my body and mind with respect is non-negotiable.

The diet industry is awful and it's something I continually work to dismantle within myself. It's messy and nuanced and deeply embedded. I refuse to use movement as a form of punishment; as ammunition to will myself smaller, thinner, as a means to become worthy, HARD pass.

Today my focus was flow in every sense. The intention to allow my body to flow and move as an opportunity to care for myself. To gently emerge from the pain of the last week. To come back home to my body and thank her for her steady resolve.

yoga practice with ritual mist

Before I started a quick 20 minute yoga flow, I spritzed myself and my mat with the Water ritual mist. The scent enveloped me.

That small act of bringing some added awareness to my morning practice enhanced it. It was a welcome reminder that caring for ourselves in gentle and nurturing ways is what we all deserve.

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