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lunar inspired sacred self-care: using the moon mantra oracle deck for personal reflection

Written by Alauna Whelan


I've been following the cycles of the moon for over 12 years. It's been a deeply symbolic and healing journey.

Connecting with the moon reminds me that there is always an ebb and flow to life and that we are intrinsically connected. We will experience periods of our energy being directed outwardly and times where we need to reserve and go within. That our actions have a ripple effect in our homes and our communities.

woman in yellow knit top holding lunar oracle cards with lit full moon luxury soy candle burning

For over six years, I've been writing moon mantras every single month. It's a devotional practice that allows me to capture the essence of the astrological themes each new moon. It's my attempt to articulate what I feel the cosmos are reflecting to us and perhaps ways in which we can harness our own innate power.

full moon luxury soy candle with oracle cards and crystals arranged on gold tray

This year, I have been working on amalgamating some of these mantras into the physical form of a deck of cards. I often don't remember my own words - despite having written them. It's a surprise to me to go back and read what words transpired.

The words continue to bring me comfort and surrender. The journey to bring this deck to fruition hasn't been an easy one. It's been riddled with many delays and challenges. Many opportunities to practice patience and check in with myself along the way. To revisit and hone the process, to honor my own creative voice, and to also allow this project breathing room so that it can grow into what it needs to be.

woman in yellow knit top holding lunar oracle cards with lit full moon luxury soy candle burning

As I inch closer to being able to share these amazing cards with the world, I'm reminded to take a moment to pause. To breathe and relish in the culmination of something that has taken years. To connect with the wisdom of grandmother moon and bask in her beautiful silvery light.

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