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how to use ritual mists to cleanse, clear, and consecrate your home this spring

Written by Alauna Whelan


Last year I was one of the many of us that caught the Go Clean Co bug. I discovered the magic of powdered tide and channeled all my angst into washing walls. 

A year later, as much as I'd love to do Spring cleaning, I simply don't have it in me. We are all tired! I have recently hired a cleaning company to come in because I just can't with certain aspects of life anymore.

What I do have capacity for is lazy rituals. Each Spring I do an energetic cleanse of my house. I'll crack a door or window and walk through each room with a stick of lit incense. I try to get the smoke into all four corners of the room. You could also use a candle and hold the intention of infusing light into each corner of the room.

hands holding lit soy candle

After I'm done with the incense, I follow up with a spritz of a ritual mist. Ritual sprays add life, sparkle, and scent. They are wonderful tools for consecrating (to make something sacred).

spring equinox aromatic ritual mist with crystals leaves and branches in background

Our homes are most often our safe havens, our shelter. The simple act of misting something that smells lovely is an offering to my home. One that I give in gratitude.

Anytime I feel my home (or myself) needs a little extra love, I grab a mist. A little spritz for the room and a little spritz for myself!

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