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three ways to use crystal altar wands to elevate your manifestation practices

Written by Alauna Whelan


I've been experimenting with creating crystal altar art. I always use crystals on my altars at home. Using crystals that have natural terminations can assist with focusing and directing.

Crystals infuse meaning, intention, and magic into each space. I love how they act as a physical reminder of the wisdom of nature.

Making larger ritual pieces allows me to work with stones that are too large to be wearable.

autumn altar with equinox soy candle and rustic crystal wand

Ritual is an important part of my life and I love creating small altars throughout my home. Whether they are for honoring my ancestors that watch over me, to harness the energy of each season into my home, or for support when I have specific goals.

rustic orange and clear crystal wand for ritual practice

Three ways you can incorporate crystal altar wands into your manifestation ritual practices are:

1. Write down your intentions and place the crystal wand on top of your written intentions overnight to infuse them with success.

2. Use your crystal wand to trace words or symbols related to your goals.

3. Meditate with your crystal wand and infuse it with your dreams, wishes, and goals. Place it in a space that you can visually see throughout the day. 

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