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Honoring the Goddess

Written by Alauna Whelan


My connection to mother earth has been one of the most healing relationships. Nature nourishes, supports, and offers comfort. She is the great mother.

I'm fortunate to come from a long line of fierce trailblazers and outspoken women.

My late grandmother didn't marry until her 30's. She was fiercely independent and driven. She raised 5 children  and built a thriving dairy farm with my grandfather. It was her ambition that they built a state of the art milking barn in the early 70s.

My maternal grandmother left an abusive marriage, taking her two daughters with her. She went back to school to get her grade 12. And even purchased lake property in the early 80s. It remains in the family today and my boys are the 4th generation to make memories at the lake each summer.

My own mother became the first female projectionist. Juggling working evenings at the theatre all while having 5 kids in under 7 years. She was a foster parent throughout my highschool years. Mom even survived thyroid cancer not once but three times. My sister's and I still can't comprehend how she did it all.

All of the women in my lineage had strong connections to the earth. Their creativity and pioneering spirit during a time where women were told to have their place is a constant inspiration to me.