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healing waters collection - crystal talisman jewelry and altar art for cleansing, surrender, and emotional healing

Written by Alauna Whelan


My latest collection is inspired by the healing power of water.

Nothing quite fulfills my soul than swimming in the summer months, whether in a lake or pool. I love the feeling of being fully supported when floating on my back. It stirs up memories of summers spent with my best friend in her backyard pool. We spent hours and hours diving and swimming and having the most marvelous time.

collection of blue green and teal crystal talisman jewelry and altar art pieces

The Healing Waters collection contains various tones of cooling and serene blues. I was fortunate to work with some incredible high grade quality Arizona turquoise. The stones were carved by the amazingly talented Jenny White, a Canadian Indigenous lapidary artist who resides on the west coast.

collection of blue teal and green healing crystal talisman jewelry and altar art

In ancient times, turquoise was used as an amulet for protection. It's blue color instills a sense of courage, especially when we need to speak up for ourselves.

I'm also releasing my very first piece of ritual altar art with this collection. Head to this blog post to learn more.

The Healing Waters collection will be released Friday, June 11. 

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