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Green Calcite - the crystal you need for new beginnings and growth

Written by Alauna Whelan


With the temperatures finally starting to warm up here on the prairies, we are all anxiously awaiting Spring's firm arrival.

The approach of a new season, means a new seasonal set!

spring equinox candle and ritual spray with green crystal

I chose green calcite as the gemstone for the spring equinox ritual sets. Calcite is a soothing and comforting mineral. It's energy is like a warm hug from a dear friend.

Green calcite is deeply rejuvenating. It activates the heart center and gently works to release energetic blocks. This crystal permits one to focus and harness the power of their emotions while taking a calm, methodical approach to life.

It's green color reminds me of fresh new growth. Soon enough we will be planting and digging in the dirt.

birds eye view of soy candle with spring branches lavender and green crystal

Green calcite gems are in the candle and mist that makes up the limited edition spring equinox ritual set.

Head over to the online store to pre-order your spring ritual set!