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five of favorite spa products for a luxurious at home spa experience

Written by Alauna Whelan


I know many of you are stressed out mom's like me! This pandemic has really highlighted the importance of carving out simple rituals for comfort and sanity.

I love products that can be easily incorporated into my regular routine. I've also been investing in a few indulgences to elevate my home spa experience.

I've been enjoying a number of products. Ones that are botanically based are my favorite. I love the smell of herbal infused products and those scented with essential oils. It's true soul nourishment for me!

If you're planning a DIY home spa experience, I highly recommend having some fresh, fluffy towels and wash cloths on hand (I love the makeup rounds and face cloths from Queenie Bird), as well as a cozy robe to relax in. Sipping on your favorite tea, wine, or cocktail is a must.

a variety of self-care spa products on plush white bath robe

Here's a roundup of my favorite products:

1. Element Bath Soaks - I bath daily and use the element bath soaks on regular rotation, especially for new and full moon baths.

2. SPARitual Foot Balm - the citrus cardamom scent is the epitome of a high end spa. I slather it on every single night. 

3. Orgaid Sheet Masks - my skin feels so supple and hydrated after one of these sheet masks. The anti-aging one is my fave, with the dry climate here on the prairies I need all the moisture I can get! I do a facial mask a couple of times a week.

4. HUNA Herbal Body Oil - this is a limited edition product and something I can't live without. It's currently sold out, that's how good it is. I use HUNA facial products daily and am a huge fan! I use the oil as my primary body moisturizer. It's makes a luxurious bath oil. My boys love using it, too. Sign up for HUNA's emails to learn when they release this limited edition oil again in the fall.

5. Last but not least, you can't have a spa experience without candles! I have never burned or enjoyed as many candles as I have in the last year. Candlelit baths are on my 2021 self-care list.

I've been working on some new candle collections that will be released this year. Make sure to sign up for my emails to learn when the newest collections are released!