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Element or Crystal Talisman? What's the Difference?

Written by Alauna Whelan


It can be hard to decide what necklace to choose when the two kinds I make are so very different, not only in how they look but the purpose behind them.

People will ask me what the difference between the two styles is. Besides the obvious, like the materials and physical appearances, their significance is the driving force for what people will choose.

All of my work is hand made. This means there is variation from piece to piece, making them all one-of-a-kind.


Let's start with the Crystal Talismans. Each completed pendant is given a name and most come with a story. They are symbolic of a journey, one that is continually evolving and unfolding. The Crystal Talismans weave together folklore and history, with a dash of the metaphysical. People will choose one that aligns with a theme they are navigating in their life, using it as a physical reminder of the progress they are making.


The Element Talismans are a statement of who you are. They represent the core of what you already embody or are working towards embodying.

With my word for 2020 being focus, I've been wearing the Air necklace. I wear it every day and rarely take it off. I will layer a Crystal Talisman, selecting one that represents how I'm feeling or the support I am wanting for that day.

Which would you choose? Click the links below to check out both!

Crystal Talismans

Element Talismans

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