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Earth's Super Powers

Written by Alauna Whelan


Each element has super powers. They have their own unique essence. When we work with the elements we can honor their wisdom. This allows us to harness and cultivate those properties for ourselves.

earth sign medallion silver necklace with foliage

The earth element embodies patience, sustenance, strength, and grounding. It reminds us that in order to grow tall, we must have deep roots. The things that stand the test of time don't happen overnight, they require devotion, discipline, and persistence. Often times we are required to test our strength and resolve.

earth candle and ritual mist

The Earth candle is one of the best selling in the element collection. People love the scent of wet earth, leather, and smoke. It's ancestral, it's reminiscent of living off and in harmony with the land. Scent is such a powerful tool to access memories and impact our mood.

The Earth ritual mist smells similar to the candle but contains more notes of ozone. Both the candle and mist are often described by customer's as the scent after it rains. The smell of petrichor, where the sun hits the rain soaked soil and the earth exhales in delight. A powerful reminder of nature's soothing and healing symphony of scent. A smell that grounds and settles us.

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