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dreaming of summer while packing up the spring equinox sets

Written by Alauna Whelan


Today while walking the kids to school we were discussing what our favorite season was. Mine is summer, hands down!

I can't wait to lay out in the sun and feel the warmth on my skin, to dive into the lake, and go boating.

When I got back home I headed into the studio to work on the Spring Equinox pre-orders.

In my longing for summer I thought it would be nice to tuck in a summer solstice candle with each order. So I whipped up a batch of summer tealights!

four crystal topped soy tealights on palm of hand

It was last June when I first started offering these seasonal ritual sets. They have become a bit of something to look forward to each time the seasonal wheel shifts.

While supplies last, I'll be tucking in a summer solstice nurture light with each spring equinox set.

Pop over to the online store to order yours!