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dark goddess healing crystal talisman necklaces for embracing the shadow self

Written by Alauna Whelan


The dark goddess crystal talisman collection is my all time favorite collection. I love making art that speaks out against the ideas, myths, media, and folklore that paints women as something they aren't.

dark healing crystal talisman necklaces with animal skull and feather on black background

At the core of my work is a desire to go against the capitalistic and patriarchal bull-shit that is prevalent in our world. We need more stories that showcase women in positions of power and working together.

woman in blue top wearing healing crystal talisman statement necklace

We are constantly bombarded with media and conditioning that upholds gender roles. There's a vested interest in keeping women (POC, non-binary, etc) in their place so that their labour and resources can be exploited.

And while I can't take down the systemic barriers alone, I can use my art to express my frustrations and create a dialogue that rewrites some of the harm that's perpetuated. I can work to dismantle my own internalized misogyny. I can separate myself and what I have control over from the utter lack of social supports and programming.

hand holding two dark grey rustic healing crystal talisman necklaces

Working with the archetypes of powerful goddesses and women and themes gives me a sense of control. It's as if I am tapping into an infinite reservoir of power. Of something that props me up until I'm capable of channeling it myself.

Each time I put a piece of my jewelry, it's a display of resistance.

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