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Crystal Candles

Written by Alauna Whelan


Did you know that each intention candle contains a gemstone?

People will often ask me what to do with the gemstone once the candle is used up.

After the candle is done burning the crystal will hold the energy of that element. The crystals can be passed onto a friend or added to your altar space at home.

fire element candle with small ceramic bowl filled with gemstones

I like to keep a small bowl where I switch out the crystals from time to time. This way I can move the bowl to different altar spaces, whether it's beside my bed or out in the studio.

You can also use the crystals to enhance other sacred practices. I like to place a few on my incense burner. Again, you can choose one or use a few depending on your mood.

fire candle with incense burner and crystals

I love incorporating crystals and gemstones into my spaces. They add sparkle and beauty wherever I place them. They pair brilliantly with my favorite ceramic pieces from the incredible Hillary Simon-Worobec.

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