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Beltane Spread

Written by Alauna Whelan


I love coming up with new card spreads and tend to do them at the change of the seasons.

I've been feeling inspired by all things related to fire and the sun lately, including the new Sun Worship talisman collection. Beltane marks the midway point between Spring and Summer.

tarot cards crystals candle flowers for beltane

For this reading I used two decks; the Chrysalis Tarot and the Fairies Oracle. Choosing tarot cards for the first four questions and then using an oracle deck for the final question.

1. What is being illuminated for me now and throughout May?

2. What do I need to be mindful of protecting?

3. How best can I continue to tend to the seeds that were gestated at Spring Equinox?

4. Where do I need to release and transform in order to support tender new growth?

5. A message from the Queen of the Fae (or your guides, whichever resonates).

tarot cards crystals candle for beltane

Reading for the collective:

This reading speaks of endurance and perseverance. Of leaving behind the creature comforts, which is so relevant in the current climate. We need to be mindful of protecting our physical health and money at this time. Keeping our hopes, dreams, and faith stoked is where we need to focus our energy. Trying to take an old approach won't work. Being willing to try new ideas and fresh approaches is what will support the path forward. Above all we have to have courage. Courage to release what was, courage to embrace what can be, courage to use our anger as fuel for self-discipline and change. Can we be brave enough to examine our own limiting beliefs and perceptions?

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