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Aries Moon Mantra

Written by Alauna Whelan

aries moon mantra

The Aries new moon is coming just after the season change. We recently moved from winter and into spring in the northern hemisphere. We gently awaken and stir, ready to emerge from the long dark shadows of winter.

2020 has been a doozy! March has felt like an entire year contained in just 23 days. Our world as we know it has shifted in ways we never imagined.

I've been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. One moment I am counting my blessings and feeling gratitude, the next I am overwhelmed by emotions and find myself in tears. Transitions can be challenging at the best of times and when the routines that make us feel safe and settled are ripped away, we are left feeling untethered and vulnerable.

One thing that has brought me comfort is working with my hands. The repetition of pouring candles or working on new crystal pieces settles me into a predictable rhythm. I've been reflecting on the wisdom of my ancestors, how working with their hands was crucial to their survival.

With all of the technology and information available at our fingertips, it's been the melding of using my hands, heart, and head in unison that has provided solace. The loudness of the online landscape agitates me but using my inner creative energy to birth objects is what soothes, it's what brings me home to myself.

Repetitive actions make up the fabric of ritual. They are the simplistic motions we go through that permit us to feel safe, to carve out a moment of belonging, to reconnect with something that transcends time.

Our ancestors practiced the wisdom of ritual and devotion all the time. They wove and created the world around them. Their pioneering spirit led the way. We are here to carry on that legacy, to weave and mold it in our own unique way.

I view my contribution to that legacy is through the objects I make. The candles, ritual mists, and intentional jewelry. That these items can act as a compass or guide to remind people of the power they have within themselves.

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