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aries full moon: honoring our anger and stoking the inner fires

Written by Alauna Whelan


This full moon in Aries has strong aspects with both Mars and Pluto. It's a full moon where our anger and primal impulses are being illuminated. Don't be surprised if people lose their cool and tempers flare.

Aries is a fire sign. I always appreciate the raw intensity of Aries energy, it is pure and unadulterated. This is a sign that rules the head - it's the newborn of the zodiac. It's the primal scream of bringing new life earth side. It's the crowning moment of birth. It's the ring of fire. It's a new babes first breath and cries.

lit luxury soy fire element candle on wooden altar with assorted crystals
This full moon may be highlighting the intentions or projects that began around spring equinox with the Aries new moon. This is a great opportunity to recognize what has unfolded since then. To stoke the inner fires. To reflect on one's anger and rage. 

I've been reading the book Rage Becomes Her. It articulates so much of how I feel and how many women feel. It encapsulates many of the conversations I've been having with friends. And as I get deeper into the book, it is giving me hope that not all is lost. That my anger can be fuel for revolutionary change. That my desires and wants are valid. 

moody lit luxury soy element and lunar candles with fresh yellow florals

As women, societal and gender roles stifle us and attempt to remove us from our power. Women's labour is expected and exploited at every turn. After 20 months in a pandemic, it's not something that can be dismissed anymore. 

This is a full moon that supports action. It is highlighting power dynamics. It's a direct connection with our rage. These shifts start within and ripple outwards.

May this full moon be catalyst in our collective awakening to stand up for ourselves and claim what is rightfully ours.

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