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a talisman for mercury retrograde - a necklace to assist with clear communication and patience

Written by Alauna Whelan


A few times a year, the planet of communication, Mercury, appears to move backwards in the sky. This is referred to as retrograde motion.

It's often a time when miscommunications are increased. It's a call to slow down, practice patience, and listen to our inner workings. It's an opportunity to unplug ourselves, rest, and reset.

silver medallion layering necklace with air alchemical symbol with wheat and lavender background

Having awareness is half the battle. This allows us to practice grace and compassion towards ourselves and others. I personally like to wear a physical reminder that embodies a goal or intention or theme I'm experiencing or working on.

The air element necklace is the perfect talisman for mercury retrograde. Air represents clarity and discernment. Paired with a clear quartz bezel set gemstone assists with focus and really tuning into our thoughts and beliefs.

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