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  • raw quartz and leather necklaces

    Using The Elements to Clear Crystals...

    Working with crystals is a practice of intention. These beautiful allies can represent a deepening of trust with ourselves, our intuition, and can assist us in cultivating more mindfulness in...

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  • What is An Altar?

    When looking up the definition of an altar, it is defined as a structure upon which offerings were placed for religious purposes. I define an altar as a sacred and personal...

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    harvest tablescape with lit candle
  • What Are The Elements?

    What Are The Elements?

    An element is defined as a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic or each of more than one hundred substances that cannot be...

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  • How to Choose a Crystal

    Beyond simply being pretty to look at, crystals can be used as a tool to strengthen our intuition thus bringing more awareness and intention into our lives.

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    How to Choose a Crystal
  • woman in the forest with aromatic spray

    What is Ritual?

    Ritual seems to be a buzz word that is everywhere lately, especially when paired with self-care. Beyond all the elusive trendiness of fancy photos and lofty ideals, what actually is...

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