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  • Wild Rose Season

    Wild Rose Season

    I adore wild rose season and normally miss it because the kids are in school until the end of June. With a pandemic shifting school to home and letting out...

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  • Metallic Accents

    It's been a trip down memory lane this week. I've been sifting through old photos and noticing the areas I've improved upon. Being an entrepreneur today means wearing many different hats,...

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  • Pouring Candles

    Pouring Candles

    My entire studio smells divine from pouring limited edition summer solstice candles.Now if only technology would get with the program and offer smellivision, right? I always seem to have a...

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  • Studio Tour

    My husband recently moved my studio space from one side of our garage to the other. I'm super excited that I now have a window right above my jeweler's bench!...

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    crystals on shelf by window