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Femininity - Water Soy Candle

$48.00 CAD

The water element encourages intuition and flexibility. Burn this candle to bring more feminine flow into your life.

A rustic floral blend that supports emotional wellbeing.

Scent: lavender | geranium | clary sage

Intention: intuition | flexibility | receptivity

Gemstone: amazonite

Burn time: 60+ hours


Every Alauna Whelan candle features an empowering incantation for you to recite each time you light your intention candle.

Clean burning soy wax and all cotton wicks, blended with pure essential oils.

Dressed with an amazonite gemstone and rose petals.

Crystal Lore

Amazonite is believed to protect from EMFs and geopathic stress. It is a stone of love and collective consciousness, allowing one to see both sides of any issue or situation. Amazonite is peaceful and calming, making it a wonderful talisman for relieving stress.

Candle Care

Please burn your candle within 3 months of purchase.

Remove crystal before burning.

Burn until the entire top surface of wax is melted.

Never burn unattended.

Trim wick to 1/4" each time before lighting.

Keep away from drafts & flammable objects.

Extinguish after 4 hours.

When your candle is finished, keep the crystal or pass it on to a friend in need.

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