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Divinity - Ether Ritual Mist

$14.00 CAD

Ether represents divinity through connection, fortitude, and devotion.

Ether is the amalgamation of all the elements; earth, fire, water, and air.

It reminds us that our divinity is found within our relationships and lived experiences here on Mother Earth.

Fresh evergreens, light citrus notes, and a hint of spice brighten spirits and instill peace.


Sandalwood floral water, grain alcohol, essential oils of rosewood remembered, cypress, frankincense, myrrh, radish root ferment filtrate (natural preservative), amethyst gems.


Shake before use. Mist yourself for an aromatic pick-up or meditation tool. Consecrate sacred objects or space. Spritz linens, bedding, and towels.

Crystal Lore

Amethyst is highly protective and a bringer of peace. It is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It is well known for alleviating insomnia caused by racing thoughts or an overactive mind.

It can align and harmonize all of the energetic centers of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It is associated with sobriety.

Amethyst connects us to the divine.

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