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Security - Earth Talisman Necklace

$188.00 CAD

Earth represents security through grounding, strength, and growth.

Earth is the element that sustains us, grounds us, and supports us. It is the element that shows us the power of release as a means to nurture our own growth.

Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Season: Winter

Direction: North

Tarot Suit: Pentacles

* Model is wearing 16" satellite chain


This fine silver pendant (99.9%) comes on a blackened sterling silver chain of your choice, complete with a faceted red garnet bezel set gemstone.

Included is an intention card for you to honor your element.

Each pendant is handcrafted using recycled fine silver. No two pendants are the same.

Crystal Lore

Red garnet is a stone of passion and love. It governs the heart. It is wonderful for aiding one to release anger towards self. It's energizing and regenerative.

Long ago red garnet was carried as a protective talisman. It was believed to warn of approaching danger. It is an excellent stone for crisis and trauma.

Garnet is helpful for expanded awareness and sharpening perceptions, of one’s self, of others, and situations. It supports the root and sacral chakras.

Jewelry Care

To ensure that your jewelry lasts for years to come, please remove it before participating in any physical activities, swimming, showering, sleeping, etc.

Do not use chemical polishes to polish your pieces as it can remove the patina that makes each piece so unique. A soft cotton cloth or jeweler's cloth is all that you need to gently polish the stones or metal, you can also use a bit of warm soapy water if necessary.

Place your jewelry in an airtight container or Ziploc bag when not wearing it.

Some clients like to cleanse and recharge their pieces energetically. Please use dry clearing methods such as sound (singing bowls, chimes, etc) or sacred smoke (incense, palo santo, cedar, etc).

To recharge set your piece on a windowsill overnight to soak up the light of the new or full moon.  A special altar space can also be used for recharging.

Please be mindful that the sun can affect the color of certain gemstones, as such it isn't recommended to utilize sunlight for recharging.

Necklace Length Guide

element sign necklace guide

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