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The Crystal Palace

$109.00 CAD $188.00 CAD

One-of-a-Kind Crystal Pendant Featuring Hand-Collected Australian Clear Quartz Cluster

Quartz hand-collected by Rob Horner in Australia.

You will receive the exact pendant pictured complete with a sturdy stainless steel chain.

This pendant was created by utilizing the Tiffany method, this is where molten metal is applied over copper directly onto the surface of the crystal. A patina is then applied to enhance the rustic appearance of the metal and give the piece an old-world look.  


Crystal Palace is a sacred temple one can travel to in the astral realms. It is a place of potent magick where intentions are amplified. It provides sanctuary for you to gain clear insights on all that you are here to manifest on the earthly plane, all that is in alignment for your highest good.

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