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Moon Mantra Oracle Deck, Soy Lunar Candle & Element Necklace

$268.00 CAD

The perfect luxurious gift set! 

Moon Mantra oracle deck

This deck weaves together lunar wisdom, the four elements (earth, air, water, fire), and astrological themes.

It was created to provide a simple way to connect with the rhythms of the lunar cycle.

This deck comes with 52 affirmation cards and instructions in a beautiful tuck box.

Luxury soy lunar candle

Attune to the power and wisdom of the moon cycle with lunar candles. 

Each candle has a burn time of approximately 60+ hours.

Choose from four scents:

New moon: rustic florals & moss

Waxing moon: warm amber spice

Full moon: intoxicating florals & warm woods

Waning moon: fresh green herbals

Element talisman necklace

Harness the power of nature's elements with unique talisman jewelry that expresses your soul.

Sterling silver pendant and chain with bezel set gemstone.

Choose from five elements:

Earth: security through grounding, strength, and growth.

Water: femininity through intuition, flexibility, and receptivity.

Air: femininity through intuition, flexibility, and receptivity.

Fire: abundance through confidence, inspiration, and creativity.

Ether: divinity through connection, fortitude, and devotion.

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