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Middle Earth

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One-of-a-Kind Crystal Pendant Featuring Lodolite, Ammolite, and Azurite with Malachite

You will receive the exact pendant pictured complete with a sturdy stainless steel chain.

This pendant was created by utilizing the tiffany method, this is where molten metal is applied over copper directly onto the surface of the crystal. A patina is then applied to enhance the rustic appearance of the metal and give the piece an old-world look.


Middle Earth grounds and anchors us to the earthly plane. It assists with building the foundations that will stand the test of time, reminding us that patience, diligence, and persistence is how lasting change is facilitated.

Crystal Lore

Lodolite is often called garden quartz. It is a crystal with strong ties to the mineral kingdom. It is mesmerizing to peer into this stone and see all the mossy wonder trapped within. It has a gentle strength, supporting overall health and healing. It allows us to release fear and stress from past trauma. Its earthy nature is nurturing and loving. It can facilitate communication with spirit guides and is often associated with the crown chakra. 

Ammolite is a crystal with a powerful earthy energy that gently nourishes and eases our hardships. They act as reminders of our continual change and evolution and are thought to bring about abundance and prosperity. 

Azurite with Malachite is a combination of both stones.

Azurite is wonderful for raising consciousness. It aids in bringing new perspectives and clarity of thoughts, challenging one to release old beliefs. It aids the wearer to let go of stress, fear, sadness, and grief. Azurite welcomes and encourages the growth and development of an embryo in the womb.

Malachite is a powerful stone. It is highly protective and known for its ability to amplify energy and absorb negativity. It is a stone of transformation, and a bringer of love, peace, and harmony. Malachite is wonderful for getting to the root of a problem. It is well known as a midwife’s stone, useful for menstrual cramps, female reproductive organs, and supporting childbirth. Due to the nature of its ability to absorb negativity, it is recommended that you cleanse malachite regularly.

Jewelry Care

To ensure that your jewelry lasts for years to come, please remove it before participating in any physical activities, swimming, showering, sleeping, etc.

Do not use chemical polishes to polish your pieces as it can remove the patina that makes each piece so unique. A soft cotton cloth or jeweler's cloth is all that you need to gently polish the stones or metal, you can also use a bit of warm soapy water if necessary.

Place your jewelry in an airtight container or Ziploc bag when not wearing it.

Some clients like to cleanse and recharge their pieces energetically. Please use dry clearing methods such as sound (singing bowls, chimes, etc) or sacred smoke (incense, palo santo, cedar, etc).

To recharge set your piece on a windowsill overnight to soak up the light of the new or full moon.  A special altar space can also be used for recharging.

Please be mindful that the sun can affect the color of certain gemstones, as such it isn't recommended to utilize sunlight for recharging.

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