Handcrafted Luxury Products 

Nature and the elements are deeply woven into all of my offerings. The alchemical process of blending different materials to create something tangible; something with a unique story that honors each of the steps that went into its making, is something I adore.

Everything I offer is handcrafted. I value devotion to the process, refinement, and quality. I pride myself on knowing the origins of what goes into creating each piece and my own evolution as an artist.

Connection, reverence, and integrity are the backbone of my offerings and I strive to pay fair prices for my supplies. I focus on sourcing cut stones from women. I have a number of female Canadian lapidary artists that I work with, and a small number of international suppliers.

It is always my intention to source my supplies as close to home as possible and from people who share similar values. As such, I have developed long term relationships with my suppliers.

My goal is for customers to feel truly valued, treasured, and empowered when making a purchase from me. By investing in me, your dollars go to support fellow women and businesses with integrity.

Talisman Jewelry

As a self-taught metalwork artist, I utilize fine silver and a method known as the Tiffany technique to create one-of-a-kind talisman jewelry. Due to the amount of time I spend creating each piece, each one is truly unique and has its own story.

Fine Silver Collection

Inspired by nature and based on the four elements; earth, fire, water, and air, this collection represents the cycles and seasons of life.

The elemental pendants are formed from recycled fine silver (99.9% silver) and a custom collection of wax seals.

Each pendant has an accompanying gemstone that ties into the intention for each specific element; earth - red garnet, fire - citrine, water - moonstone, air - clear quartz.

Included is an intention card for you to harness and honor your unique element.

Every pendant is handcrafted by me; from sourcing supplies to design, firing, applying patina, and hand polishing.

All pieces come beautifully packaged and include an oxidized sterling silver chain of your choice.

Crystal Collection

Pairing crystals to create each pendant is an organic and intimate experience. I work only when inspired and tend to lose myself in the creative process. 

Raw materials are sourced primarily from women, local retailers, and Canadian wholesalers. Once the crystals are curated, they are carefully prepared. 

Molten metal then is applied over copper directly onto the surface of the crystal followed by the application of a patina to enhance the rustic appearance. The final result is hand polished.

Each crystal talisman is beautifully packaged with a detailed copy of it's own story and a stainless steel chain at your preferred length.  

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Self-Care Practices

Incorporating intentional products can truly deepen our ritual practices and support us in finding a few moments peace within our hectic lives. From candles, to botanical perfume, and ritual mists, these items assist us with feeling supported. All items are well suited for travel or when you’re on the-go. They can be used on a special altar space within your home, be incorporated into a yoga practice, or for unwinding after a busy week at work.


Using candles as an act of ritual and devotion is something that sets the stage for sinking into self-care and relaxation.

Candles are made in small batches, poured by hand, and lovingly adorned with botanicals. All supplies were sourced from Canadian companies, making this line truly Canadian. You can read more about each element on my blog; earth, fire, water, air.                                   

The botanical candle line is based on the elements; earth, fire, water, and air. Each candle contains the purest ingredients including 100% north american grown soy wax, all cotton wicks, pure essential oils, and a crystal treasure for you to discover.

Every candle comes with an affirmation to assist you with manifesting your best life.  To purchase your botanical candle, visit my online shop.

Botanical Perfume & Ritual Mist

Scent has a way of shifting our mood and impacting our emotional state. The act of using natural, plant based products to support daily self-care rituals can set the tone for our day and assist us to carve out a few moments of sensate, aromatic pleasure.

Ether Botanical Perfume

Botanical perfume is an intimate experience that is intended for the pure pleasure of the anointed. It is worn close to the skin and is meant to be enjoyed by those who you allow into your personal space; whether that is hugging a friend, kissing your lover, or comforting a child.

Before the rise of synthetics, all perfumes were blended with natural ingredients from the plant and animal kingdoms. Botanical perfumery is rooted in ancient practices and ceremonies from Egypt and beyond.

Using floral waters, essential oils, concretes, and absolutes, my blends use only plant aromatics making them more suitable for those who tend to have sensitivities to artificial fragrances.

The ritual of perfume help us set an intention for our day and anoint our bodies before we head out into the world. Botanical perfume is there to give us sensate pleasure through our olfactory system, helping us anchor into the present moment whenever we need a moment of reprieve.

With the rise of sensitivities to artificial fragrance, many businesses are opting to go fragrance free. I have found that many will utilize an essential oil diffuser. In these cases botanical perfume would be permitted, as it is plant based. Botanical perfumes don’t accost the senses or intrude on other’s personal space. They are gentle, subtle, and wonderful.

Ether Ritual Mist

Ritual mists can be used in a multitude of ways. They are wonderful for incorporating into a yoga practice, for shifting our mood after a long day at the office, and they can be spritzed onto linens, towels, or bedding.

The act of ritual helps us to disengage from what is causing us stress, shifting us into a more receptive and present state of mind. Aromatic ritual mists support us in doing that.

Pop in your purse or gym bag for a quick pick-me-up whenever you need. Mist your pillowcase before bed for a restful sleep or use as a gentle hair perfume.

I am currently developing botanical perfume and ritual mists for each of the elements. They are tentatively scheduled to be unveiled in 2020.