May Magick 2017

may magick 2017

Welcome to May Magick: A Month of Daily Pause and Magick

I have wanted to create a community project for some time but lacked the clarity to put something together that felt right. With my in-person workshops wrapping up in April, I felt this could be a beautiful way to transition from Spring to Summer.

This project is a permission slip of sorts, allowing us to take pause and sink into some of the magick that surrounds each of us everyday. And who doesn't love an excuse to get out in nature, especially since us prairie folk love to make the most of the warmer weather, soaking up the few months we get without snow.

My intention for this community project is to create awareness and appreciation of all the beauty that we can experience when we deliberately slow down a bit and take notice.

Magick to me is is everywhere, it's not as elusive as we make it out to be.  It's in sunbeams and full moon light, it's in the sacred spaces in the corner's of our homes, it's in the intentional tools and objects we choose to surround ourselves with, it's the smell of fresh dirt, and the feeling of that warm spring breeze on our skin.

If you are longing for a bit of intentional peace, while also opening up to receive more grace and gratitude, I welcome you to join me on this enchanting month long journey <3

The Prompts 

To keep creativity flowing, there are no rigid structures or rules. Let your imagination and intuition guide you. There is no obligation to complete all of the prompts, choose the one's that resonate with you and leave the rest. They are simply meant to inspire you to gain a deeper appreciation of the blessings we experience daily. 

As a community there are a couple platforms on which we can gather and share our photos:

1. Sign up for the daily emails (more on that below).

2. Instagram - use the hashtags #maymagick or #maymagick2017

2. Facebook - I have created a closed group in which we can gather and share our daily photos, ephiphanies, and blog posts.

may magick 2017 prompts

The Daily Emails

I have invited some amazing souls to share what magick is to them. By signing up to receive the daily emails, you will receive a beautiful interpretation of each prompt from members of my greater community. I feel these daily emails have the ability to act as a powerful reflection and journaling tool, they have the capacity to create connection, and allow us to uncover magick in ways we might not have yet discovered. 

The following women have graciously agreed to join me: Jaclyn Bartlett, Ashley Boehm, Erin Pell, Lacey Nedjelski, Nadine LeBean, Brooke Russell, Kristen Jett, Jenna Danielle, Willemijn Maas, Shinjini Mehrotra, Theresa Schmidt, Karrol Rikka, Gabrielle Walker, Nichole Berezowski, Kelsey Connell, Jessica Camarena, Lisa Paul, Michela Carriere, Kerstin Martin, Kristin Pierce, Nadine Jones, Nicole Skelton, Moni, Kendra Hadley, Christine Bennett, Kelly Simkins, Natasha Salaash, and Patti Stobbe.

We begin May 1st!

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