Jewelry Care

Every piece is handcrafted, making each one unique and truly one-of-a-kind. 

Much love and care is put into creating high quality, one-of-a-kind adornments.

To ensure that your jewelry lasts for years to come, please remove it before participating in any physical activities, swimming, showering, sleeping, etc.

Do not use chemical polishes to polish your pieces as it can remove the patina that makes each piece so unique. A soft cotton cloth or jeweler's cloth is all that you need to gently polish the stones or metal, you can also use a bit of warm soapy water if necessary.

Place your jewelry in an air tight container or ziploc bag when not wearing it.

Some clients like to cleanse and recharge their pieces energetically.

Please use dry clearing methods such as sound (singing bowls, chimes, etc) or sacred smoke (incense, palo santo, cedar, etc).

To recharge set your piece on a windowsill overnight to soak up the light of the new or full moon.  A special altar space can also be used for recharging.

Please be mindful that the sun can affect the color of certain gemstones, as such I don't recommend utilizing sunlight.

Crystal Collection Information

I utilize a technique known as the tiffany method. This is a method typically used in the creation of stained glass.

A molten metal alloy is applied over copper directly onto the surface of the crystal. The metal is comprised mostly of copper, tin, and silver.

Each piece is individually crafted by hand. A patina is applied to enhance the rustic appearance, giving each piece an old-world aesthetic.

Stones are sourced from trusted suppliers. I then design, create, patina, and hand polish each creation.

Through this process, much time is spent with each piece. As such, each creation has a story to tell. A hard copy of this story is included with your pendant.

Each crystal pendant comes beautifully packaged and includes a stainless steel chain, at your chosen length. 

Element Collection Information

The elemental pendants are formed from recycled fine silver (99.9% silver) and a custom collection of wax seals.

Each pendant has an accompanying gemstone that ties into the intention for each specific element; earth-red garnet, fire-citrine, water-moonstone, air-clear quartz.

An elemental intention card is included with each piece.

Every pendant is handcrafted by me; from sourcing supplies to design, firing, applying patina, and hand polishing.

No two pendants are the same, each one has its own unique personality.

Each pendant comes beautifully packaged and includes an oxidized sterling silver chain of your choice.