Dear Hunger {April Love}

Dear Hunger,

I stifle you, I don't trust you. I think perhaps because I feel you may never be satiated, and that the part of you that is me, will always be too much. 

I fear you are a wormhole filled with countless desires that are rich and tempting but will never quench my thirst. One that, if I allow myself to surrender to, I might never emerge from. 

Perhaps, your depth, your magnetism, and your temptation is your power. You represent the aspect in each of us wants to be desired and devoured, with reckless abandon.

I have slowly began letting you out, bit by tiny bit. We haven't lost control yet, and that's what I was most afraid of, wasn't it?

Maybe one day I will trust enough in myself to unleash you fully. For now, bit by bit is how we will go.