Dear Feet {April Love}


Dear Feet,

For so long, I wasn't able to connect with and appreciate all of you. I tried but couldn't quite grasp it. You didn't seem to mind, though. You simply carried on, waiting patiently. All the while, providing unwavering strength.

You knew it would be worth the wait. That I would finally come around. 

Now you relish in the full awareness of sinking toes into cool clay. Of burrowing feet in warm sand. Of soft moss on your soles. Drinking in the heartbeat and pulse of Mother Earth. Her magic and medicine grounding and anchoring me, through you, to the present moment.

Dear Home {April Love}

Today I have felt really reflective about the people who have made me feel "at home" just by their presence. I need to contemplate this more and so I wrote a letter about my physical home...

Dear Home,
Oh how I adore you and all your comforts
- french press coffee in my favorite pottery
- flannel sheets and the weight of a wool duvet
- the beautiful art that adorns your walls created by dear friends
- the smell of herbs, essential oils, homemade soup
- cast iron pans
- teak and walnut mid-century furniture
- my fridge plastered with pictures, cards, love notes, my children's latest creations
- fresh cut tulips
- books, cards, journals, pens, art supplies
- a place for my crystal collection
- altars adorned with feathers, acorns, and rocks
- homemade soap and fluffy cotton towels
- children's laughter, cardboard forts, and chalk drawings on the side walk
- the warm glow from salt lamps and beeswax candles
- long fluttery eyelashes against warm pink cheeks of my sleeping children
- rainbows across the living room from the prism in my window
- the gentle echo of wind chimes outside my door
- the smell of my husband's pillow
- knitted dishcloths from my granny
- velvet curtains and cotton throws

All of these things make my heart swell. I know I do not need them but their physical presence brings me such comfort. They are the reminder of all the memories that I hold in my heart of the people and experiences that are so dear to me, of the temple that resides within the center of my being <3 

Dear Love {April Love}

Dear Love,

Remember that time I thought you were gone? That you were lost to me? That I had been abandoned by you? I tried desperately to grasp for you, to remember a shred of what it felt like to be whole, unbroken. The harder I tried, the more elusive you seemed.

Perhaps... perhaps I was just confused.

Regardless, I found you. I won you back! And now I don't feel dark, empty, isolated, and abandoned....I feel FULL. So full I worry that I can't contain you. I don't remember it being like this before, you oozing out of every fiber of my being. Cracking me open so that I might have more of you permeating and mending my perceived brokenness.

I know why you left before. You had to. It was the only way to show me your value, to show me what my life is made for. To give me a glimpse into the depths of your layers, your reach, your that I might understand that I AM LOVE, that we are ALL love <3

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