Dear Love {April Love}

Dear Love,

Remember that time I thought you were gone? That you were lost to me? That I had been abandoned by you? I tried desperately to grasp for you, to remember a shred of what it felt like to be whole, unbroken. The harder I tried, the more elusive you seemed.

Perhaps... perhaps I was just confused.

Regardless, I found you. I won you back! And now I don't feel dark, empty, isolated, and abandoned....I feel FULL. So full I worry that I can't contain you. I don't remember it being like this before, you oozing out of every fiber of my being. Cracking me open so that I might have more of you permeating and mending my perceived brokenness.

I know why you left before. You had to. It was the only way to show me your value, to show me what my life is made for. To give me a glimpse into the depths of your layers, your reach, your that I might understand that I AM LOVE, that we are ALL love <3

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