Dear Home {April Love}

Today I have felt really reflective about the people who have made me feel "at home" just by their presence. I need to contemplate this more and so I wrote a letter about my physical home...

Dear Home,
Oh how I adore you and all your comforts
- french press coffee in my favorite pottery
- flannel sheets and the weight of a wool duvet
- the beautiful art that adorns your walls created by dear friends
- the smell of herbs, essential oils, homemade soup
- cast iron pans
- teak and walnut mid-century furniture
- my fridge plastered with pictures, cards, love notes, my children's latest creations
- fresh cut tulips
- books, cards, journals, pens, art supplies
- a place for my crystal collection
- altars adorned with feathers, acorns, and rocks
- homemade soap and fluffy cotton towels
- children's laughter, cardboard forts, and chalk drawings on the side walk
- the warm glow from salt lamps and beeswax candles
- long fluttery eyelashes against warm pink cheeks of my sleeping children
- rainbows across the living room from the prism in my window
- the gentle echo of wind chimes outside my door
- the smell of my husband's pillow
- knitted dishcloths from my granny
- velvet curtains and cotton throws

All of these things make my heart swell. I know I do not need them but their physical presence brings me such comfort. They are the reminder of all the memories that I hold in my heart of the people and experiences that are so dear to me, of the temple that resides within the center of my being <3