Sacred Feminine Circle

As I find myself in the final stages of wrapping up the first session of the Sacred Feminine Circle, I can't believe nearly four months have flown by!! It has been a transformative and healing experience, for both me and for the sister's who I was blessed to journey alongside.

I am going to be completely honest here, I allowed my confidence to waver, I allowed self doubt to creep in... I actually considered not offering another session, GASP!! 

We all stumble and struggle on the best of days. I decided to take some of my own advice. I got quiet, connected with my heart, and listened. The fear dropped away and I knew that if I didn't move ahead with another circle, I was sabotaging and defeating myself.

This resistance was stemming from the reluctance to let the women go who have so deeply touched my heart and soul. They have shown me their authentic selves and shared their vulnerabilities. I wanted to remain in circle with them forever. Where it was safe, where I didn't have to put myself out there again. To stay in the comfort and familiarity of their presence and our rituals.

I know that, without a doubt, that they will be tested. It's inevitable, that's the nature of life. I also know that they are prepared for anything that comes their way. They ALWAYS have the power of the circle to draw upon in times of need. And they have their own inner strength that they have connected with. They are empowered to move forward with confidence. And when their confidence wanes, just as mine did, they have the tools and resources they need to pull through. The circle isn't just there for them, it's become my safe haven and strength to draw on, as well <3

As I prepare for the next session, I have given myself plenty of time for meditation, visualization, and divination. I have many personal rituals, my spirituality permeates every aspect of my life, it's interwoven into all that I do.

I have space available for five magnificent women in the next session of the Feminine Circle, some spots are already spoken for. In my preparation for this session, I have had distinct visions of each woman who will be joining this journey. Perhaps you are one of them? Maybe you have been waiting for a sign, a nudge, for synchronicity to play its hand? I am here to tell you, now is the time!


* is SO ready to release your limiting beliefs and illusions of lack in your life. You are desperate to embrace and accept the perfection of the Divine. You are ready to revel in the abundance of Spirit.

* continues to push forward, against your gut instincts and intuition. You are DONE with societal pressures and expectations. You have been waiting for a sign, for Divine intervention, so you can stop paddling upstream. You are ready to trust, release, and finally go with the flow.

* feels stuck, stagnant, and depleted. Despite your best efforts and attempts, you seem to perpetuate chaos whenever you try moving forward. You long for the return of harmony and peace in your relationships. You require the room and space for contemplation, replenishment, and connection to your higher self. 

* died and has been born again but you find yourself clinging to the past for its comfort and familiarity. You are scared of the uncertainty that change brings. You are finally ready to surrender and release, so that you can embrace the change that will undoubtedly bring about better circumstances. 

* finds herself stuck in the continual cycle of scarcity, worry, and fear. Feeling like a prisoner to your thoughts, you are ready to break the pattern of negativity and embrace transformation. You know this change will have its challenges but understand that it's all part of the process. You are committed to your success.

It is the full moon in Leo this weekend. The full moon illuminates all of the potential that surrounds us. It's sure to be an intense and emotional full moon where we feel the push and pull, driving us towards attempting to find balance, in all aspects of our relationships. This includes the connection and acceptance we long for within our selves.

That's the key isn't it? When we feel aligned and accepting of all aspects of ourselves, we are more likely to be loving, compassionate, tolerant, and accepting of others. 

Leo is a fire sign and one that is known for its generosity and confidence. There are other planetary aspects making this full moon more intense than usual. We are in the final stages of Mercury Retrograde, which has given us most of January to reassess, release, and renew many aspects of our lives. Perhaps you are feeling more clear about how you can create what you are desiring in your life. Have you been awaiting a sign? Are you one of the women I described above? If you are, I invite you to jump in! Make yourself a priority! 


"Joining Alauna's Sacred Feminine Circle was the best thing I did for myself last year. 

After years of feeling stagnant I gave myself permission to really be vulnerable and explore all aspects of myself. The circle was the perfect container to grow and explore my feminine gifts, intuition, and spirituality. It's a save haven, a place where I am encouraged and accepted, where the women really have become special to me. Each meeting Alauna challenged us to explore something new, she gave us the tools we needed to really dig in and find what we needed. 

If you're looking for a place where you finally feel safe and free to express yourself fully I highly recommend joining, it would be a wonderful gift to yourself."  Member of the 2015 Sacred Feminine Circle