With the wrap up of the first Red Tent in Saskatoon this September, I was left contemplating how to keep things dynamic and add variety to the next gathering. Fortunately, the October Red Tent was planned for Thanksgiving Sunday, coincidence, perhaps!! The focus for the October event was set, GRATITUDE. 

Before an event, I am always super nervous. Creating sacred space is very close to my heart and I ensure that I allow myself enough time to prepare the studio, not only physically but energetically. Each time I have a fear that I will be rejected and shamed for sharing the personal rituals, that I conduct, to seal the space. This being the second Red Tent that I have facilitated, my fears were put to rest by each woman who shared her truth and gratitude. Each woman's story mirrored back an aspect of myself, and a greater awareness at the depth of my soul became more firmly rooted.  We all have parts of ourselves that we tend to shove down and hide, but every fiber of our being deserves recognition and love.

Being vulnerable and showing my true self allowed me to realize how easily we can get caught up in our story. This led me to recognize how wonderful and easy it can be to shift our focus to what we feel abundant, blessed, and grateful for. That realization is SO empowering and SO simple!!!

I kept a gratitude journal years ago when I worked in northern Saskatchewan, at a uranium mine. As an introvert, I really struggled being away from the safety and comforts of home. Each night, I wrote down three gratitudes. Some evenings I really struggled to come up with three items, and often times I would include my favorite lunch menu item; hot dogs and french fries, anyone??!! That journal was a lifeline for me and it made my time away from home that much more bearable. 

Today, I have so much gratitude and appreciation for an infinite amount of people, experiences, freedoms, and blessings in my life. I am continually inspired by women in my community. By hearing their stories, I am further connected to the collective, which allows me to become more aware of aspects of myself. I am so blessed for deep, meaningful friendships that have enabled me to evolve and gain confidence in coming into my own. For my husband, who knows my innate need for carving out my own niche and supports me in any capacity that he can. For my two beautiful sons, who spearheaded this journey I am on and who continue to amaze and delight me with their wisdom and candor. And I am grateful for beautiful gemstones, crystals, and eating dessert for breakfast!!! 

I would love to hear what you are thankful for? I truly believe that when we have appreciation for all that we have and are, we create space for more blessings to grace us in our lives.